Vivo is a dainty dig in the West Loop of Chicago. The restaurant’s interior is cavernous-chic, a rustic space where you are surrounded by wine. Literally, the walls are lined with bottles of vino ready for your tasting.  Overall, Vivo is a nice place for sultry spaghetti and lively conversation.

A fun-table fact about Vivo is that they offer a special table called Table 70. Table 70 also called “The Elevator Shaft” is a  private table that sits above the dining room. It even comes with private curtains, velvet private curtains. On to the dining experience!

The staff is an entertaining crew. In particular, the chefs are a hoot. Equip with good service and a healthy sense of humor, these keepers of Vivo are sure to fill your belly and put a smile on your face.

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Tasting Menu

1. Salmone Grigliato

For dinner, I ordered “Salmone Grigliato.” It was a nice piece of fish cooked over a wood-fire grill.. Next time, I plan on asking for a more medium cook as I enjoy a moister fish. Otherwise, this dish is tasty. The highlights are the bokchoy and pungent shitake mushrooms. Veggie delight!

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When it comes to pasta, I’m an al dente kind of woman, seeking  flavor, texture, and proper seasoning! Garlic and Olive Oil are key. Love my garlic. When I was a child, my mother taught me that the best way to taste a food is to start with the most basic. For example, at ice cream shops I taste vanilla first. The logic behind this tasting methodology is that if a restaurant can dish out the basics they can build on that flavor to create savory sensations! As this was my first visit at Vivo, I opted for spaghetti. The noodles were cooked properly and the chunky tomato, marinara was buono! I will definitely return for a pasta tasting at Vivo.

photo (39)2. “Rigatoni Alla Buttera”

My dining companion ordered the Rigatoni. We both agreed that henceforth  italian sausage and peas should always be covered in goat cheese-tomato sauce. It was a pleasant change of pallet.

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Address: 838 W Randolph St, Chicago, IL
Phone:  (312) 733-3379