Plan for Success: RPM Luncheon

When I saw that the venue for my business lunch was RPM, I was excited to have the chance to taste the food. RPM is a trendy, Italian-inspired restaurant located in the energy-filled district of River North. Named after the three driving forces of the restaurant, RPM represents the last names of owners Bill and Giuliana Rancic, Executive Chef Doug Psaltis, and sibling partners RJ and Molly Melmon from Lettuce Entertainment Enterprises. The name of the luncheon series I attended was “Plan for Success.”  In light of this theme, I could not help but admire the hard work involved in creating RPM. When the right people collaborate and idea share, wonderful things can happen.

RPM is a contemporary-dine: it is a restaurant to dine in style. The rooms are draped in pearl-colored silk curtains and furnished with a black tables and cream-colored chairs. The serving staff are swankily clad in crisp, white jackets, and classic black ties and black pants. No white button down shirts or typical aprons here. RPM is about presentation. The menu is inspired by Giuliana Rancic’s mother, Mama DePandi. When it comes to the food, expect to find homemade pastas as well as entrees such as the Atlantic Swordfish or the Herb-Roasted Chicken. Designed for more of a bar and bites experience, the antipasti and pasta selections are the main thrust of the RPM experience. In total, there were 13 dish rotations.The revolutions per minute of rotated dishes definitely kept my senses spinning with excitement. In total, there were 13 dish rotations. For occassions like this, Italians express their eagerness by exclaiming, piatto ricco, mi ci ficco, which means rich plate, I dive in it!  Dive in, I did. Due to the circumstances, I decided to plan another visit for an official foodtiq. Nonetheless, highlights were the Swordfish (so tender, which is difficult to pull off) and Eggplant Parmesan (just melts in your mouth: A fellow diner raved, “I could drink this. I’m having a Sally moment!”) Tiq a peek at my tasting gallery…



Giuliana’s Italian Salad, Grilled Calamari, and Roman-Style Artichokesimage (68)image (70)image (69)

Housemade Pastas:

Leading lady, Sophia Loren:

“Everything I am I owe to pasta”


There are some excellent choices for pasta their paste speciali, which are prepared in house: from the top to bottom are the Ricotta Ravioli (ri-cohhh-tah!), Mama Depandi’s Bucatini Pomodoro, and Carbonaraimage (73)image (72)image (74)


Atlantic Swordfish, Herb Roasted Chicken, broccolini, and Eggplant Parmesan.image (76)image (79)image (80)image (77)


Baked Cannoli with chocolate and orange on top and the Limoncello and Chocolate Sorbetto on bottom. image (83)image (82)
The luncheon was wonderful and the food was well-prepared. For a catered event, I was pleasantly surprised with the consistency in flavor, taste, and presentation that was noticed by many in my large group (there were about fifty hungry patrons). I made note of other dishes that took my fancy such as the Ferro Salmon and I will be sure return to tiq soon~ Salud to the RPM!

Till next tiq,

A presto!


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