Pierrot Gourmet

B is for Brunch.

b is for beautiful.

b is for bon appétit!

My favorite brunch experiences involve family, good friends, and a nice pair of eggs. Who doesn’t like eggs? Eggs are a necessary item for breakfast. One of my favorite brunch spots in Chicago is Pierrot Gourmet located below the Peninsula on Rush and Superior. Un oui franc et massif for talking brunch at Pierrot Gourmet.  Why such a “resounding yes” for this quaint Peninsula eatery? Simple answer: gratifying food + nice atmosphere + good service.  When dining out, consistency and reliability are valuable things and valuables should be cherished. As Mario Batali puts its, “The hardest part of anything is making a dish consistently great.”No such worry here.
Words that remind me of Pierrot Gourmet: French bistro, brunch, charming, delicate, pastry gallery, colorful macarons, rotisserie, al fresco (seasonally).  The food is hearty and the plates are well-styled. For a better picture, think rustic-chic, something straight out of a Bon Appétit Magazine, food-spread. Pierrot Gourmet takes their eggs and pastries seriously so expect some yummy goodness. The eggs are delicious, les oeufs sont délicieuse! Only question is are you feeling Continential, Superior, Peninsula, or European. Perhaps, eggs a la carte?  Whatever you choose there are breakfast options for every kind of city gent and lady. Do brekkie right and order to your liking. The restaurant offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner 7-days a week so be sure to tiq a peek at my brunch gallery below:

Tasting Gallery

On my visit, I ordered the “Peninsula” from the breakfast menu. My breakfast included scrambled egg whites, warm bread pudding, chicken sausage, bacon, and a salade verte. The dressing is something stellar. Being the tea person I am, I opted for a good old cup of tea. My mom choose a homier option, mixing her scrambled eggs with meaty, ham cubes and fresh vegetables.

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Degree of Taste: TASTY


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Restaurant Information 

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Address: 108 East Superior Street, Chicago, Illinois 60611, USA
Phone:  (312) 337-2888
Website: peninsula.com/pierrotgourmet