Ai Rolls Out

Ai Japanese Restaurant & Lounge was a chic Japanese spot. The restaurant offered a diverse menu, which ranged from popular starters such as “hamachi carpaccio” to more filling entrees like “honey miso steak.” Sadly, Ai closed but I want to share my sushi pics with everyone. There is something uncanny about a photograph and its ability to capture and preserve. Moving on from my poetic moment, Ai had one epic bento. The box had enough food for two.  As a sushi person, it is a shame that Ai is no longer open to roll out to. It was a good spot to get your sushi on and fish for fresh sashimi.
Slightly strange blogging about a restaurant that is no longer there. Makes me hungry for life and reminds me to appreciate my experiences while in the moment. You never know when a restaurant might just roll out. On this visit to Ai, I came in for dinner. We started with edamame and ventured on to a seared ahi tuni dish that melted in my mouth. For my main, I ordered the salmon teriyaki bento. I finished with a refreshing scoop of green tea ice-cream. Prep your chopsticks and tiq a peek at my tasting gallery:


Ai1image (13)ai3ai4image (14)ai9photo 1photo 2



Till Next Tiq,

Roll out!

Restaurant Information 

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Address: 358 W Ontario St Chicago, IL
Phone:  (312) 335-9888