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Today, I am happy to share a preview of 52 Eighty Lounge located in Chicago’s Mile North Hotel.  I was excited to check out the space when I was invited via Cedar & Rush (yes- the Chicago savvy, stylish blogger). With summer just around the corner, my visit tells me that 52 Eighty will be the new spot to taste and toast on Magnificent Mile. After all, life is grand sipping champs on a rooftop. The concept behind the new lounge is contemporary American bites with an emphasis on champaign and whisky. Fancy this- 52 Eighty will serve vueve by the glass, which is usually sold only by the bottle. Also, foodie tip- the resident chef is an expert in charcuterie so expect to mangie bien in spectacular views. Currently, 52 Eighty is in its soft opening phase but opens officially on June 7th for the grand opening. Save the date! The hours are 5PM – 2AM every day. Tiq a peek at my tasting gallery below!


Tasting Gallery:

I began the evening with a refreshing glass of champs. Quite the splendid start to the evening.

image (2)

Ahi Crudo- black sesame, flavored with lemon oil and paired with pickled fresh hon shime mushrooms and crispy wontons. A nice app to pair with a glass of champs or a tart cocktail.

image (8)

Seared Scallops- One of my favorites of the evening and cooked to perfection. The crispy watercress and tart lemon pairing balance the savory butter reduction. Ps. My favorite bivalve mollusk is scallop. 52 Eighty knows how to prep a scallop- seared on top/bottom AND moist at the center? What a treat.

image (5)

Hors d’oeuvres plate- These bites are as tasty as they are beautiful. #Hors d’ovres selfie

image (7)

PB & J- This brilliant, brioche bite is composed of vanilla blueberry preserves and topped with fois gras mousse. I will definitely return for this finger-lickingly, delectable morsel! OH MY GRAS! A 52 Eighty masterpiece.


image (9)

Cocktails & Champs

photo (3)imageimage (10)

My takeaway? The only things topping the views at 52 Eighty Lounge are the tasty food & swanky cocktails. A contemporary spot for the young and beautiful- savory bites, sexy cocktails, and spectacular views. Thank-you for the great experience 52 Eighty Lounge.


Till Next Tiq,

Toast to the good life (for more on my visit email me via info@foodtiq.com)

Restaurant Information: 

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Address: 166 E Superior St, Chicago
Phone:  (312) 787-6000
Website: 52eightylounge.com
twitter: @52EightyLounge